Sunday, April 26, 2009

back in action.....

......Well, the Landmine Marathon "East of Arizona" tour was a success and we played some amazing shows with the likes of Misery Index, Book of Black Earth, Wizardry, Lone Wolf and Cub, Mutant Supremacy and even the likes of Lamb of God and Children of Bodom! haha. Lamb of God even actually watched us and talked to us. Weird. Here's a photo of yours truly rocking at the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest in Worcester, MA.

Anyways, I got one day of sleep and then straight back to work. Remastered Pigeon Religion's disc to be two different 7's, and worked more with Drone Throne Wednesday. Thursday was more of Six Million Dead's vocals, and Friday more Impregnating. This weekend, Conflict Resolution is starting a 7". We've done drums, bass, and vocals and are about to start guitar in a few. Pretty straight forward punk rock recording in the vein of DRI etc. and even two Suicidal Covers! I've worked with these guys a bunch of times and it's always a blast. Rich is running a pretty cool bass setup right now. 4x10 cabinet with a horn, and inspired by my pods in the studio, he bought one of his own a few years ago and runs it straight into his Hartke head. So, we're micing with an e609 off axis, and i5 on the cone and a direct signal from his pod on the socal metal setting. Pretty sweet! Tomorrow, wrapping up some drone throne and redoing some vocals for the Summary LP I did last summer.

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