Saturday, March 28, 2009

things get rougher all the time.........

...........eek, tough week again. Among some huge things in my personal life getting in the way of a few things, the work just keeps piling on! I can 't complain too much, because a lot of people aren't working right now and I never know when it might slow down. And of course, the recone kit I ordered for my Tannoy Ellipse's only came with one speakers recone materials and you have to do both at once or the tones will vary. My rep at Sweetwater knew that, but neglected to tell me the kit was only for one speaker. There's another $150 gone and I haven't even had the work done. And another of course moment is that I can't even hear the rattle in the speaker anymore. I'm sure it's on it's way out, though. So, I'll have the recone kit on hand for when it's time. Maybe things will be a little less busy. Been trying to get my new Mac Pro and Digidesign toolkit up and running. Arcane Digital will be 128 tracks capable by weeks end!
On to the projects! Impregnator's been doing their debut LP, the Second Trimester, with me over the last few weeks. It's definitely been a blast! It's Landmine Marathon's second guitarist, Dylan's band with a few friends. Funny lyrics about pregnancy, skateboarding, and weed. They're pretty into it. Lot's of blasting drums, Maury Povich samples, an HM2 pedal for that Nasum effect, and hilarious lyrics. This week I also redid the vocals for Sunyata's demo (the dry erase picture is an excellent depiction of their guitar duo), recorded another three Toad songs, and got one guitarist and bass done on Six Million Dead's LP. Tomorrow more Drone Throne songs, Monday through Wednesday a punk band called Contact Yourself, Tuesday night an acoustic performance by Luke NSK, Thursday a Toad mix, and Friday through Sunday starting emo band Tomorrow The Stars LP. Last Three pics are of Impregnator raping the land.

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