Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy week.......

.....the last week has been chaos. Finished up the Royal Monsters finishing touches last Wednesday and then did a session with local stoner rock band Drone Throne afterwards til about 1 AM. Then, Misery Index from Baltimore, MD showed up about 7:30 AM the following morning and wanted to lay down a track that they had riffs for. We got through the drums and gave the guitars a shot, but ran out of time before we had to go to their show which my band was also playing as well. Adam Jarvis is hands down one of the craziest drummers I've ever worked with. I did a 7" for them a few years back with they wrote in the studio a few years back and was also one of those chaos as fast as we can do it recordings. Mark is going to send me some clean tracks of guitar, bass, and vocals so I can reamp everything as we didn't have time to lay em down and hopefully they'll have a good comp song or a split with someone. Check out Adam at
We then played a show in Tucson the next night and LA the following night. Got back last night and am currently recording local No Wavers Pigeon Religion. Here's some pics of Adam and Mark of Misery Index. I'll get more in depth about some tech stuff as soon as I get this blog rolling more.

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