Thursday, March 19, 2009

rough week........ say the least, it's been one of the roughest weeks, if not months I've had in awhile. The studio is booked literally every day, I've got bands needing me to sneak work in as well on top of sessions I already have. I'm trying to do a systems upgrade with a new computer and plug ins, had to get a loan to do that, and the band is unbelievably busy. To top that all off, I had a pro tools system melt down sunday during the band Six Million Dead's guitar sessions and had to actually cancel and reschedule the session on one of my two days off til our tour due to Pro Tools not working properly. First session I've ever fully canceled from my end. I went out and grabbed my new Mac, and of course, the problem somehow fixed itself.
So, everything seemed hunky dory until I went to master a record Monday night for Buddha's Magic 8 Ball and the system was not recognizing my mastering hardware. Great. So, in trying to figure that out over the last few days, my computer has also stopped letting me back things up to external hard drives. Awesome. Thankfully, I have a seperate internal hard drive just for storage and backup.
Turns out my firewire port on the rear of the G5 isn't reading, and of course I only have two ports and the other runs my pro tools interface. So, I ran around frantically last night trying to get a hub and the only place that had em was Fry's. I bought the PCI one as the actual hub was $40 and this was $15! And, of course, it didn't work. So, now I've gotta run back to Fry's and try the $40 one before practice tonight so I can Master XWalrusX's album that I was up til 2 am mixing last night after practice tonight and then start the Impregnator album in the morning. Then I need to master about 3 records that I haven't been able to. Fun times. I'm currently recording a song for Roseau, yesterday was xWalrusx 's LP, Tuesday was a band from the Hopi Indian Reservation near the Grand Canyon called When The Legend Dies as well as a practice, and in the last few weeks I've lso worked on Feed Walrus Defeat from El Paso, Texas' EP and the Funeral Pyre from LA's remix for their album Wounds. I finally am gonna take a full day off Sunday and am looking so forward to it even though I have rehearsal that night. Then I don't have a day off til our tour April 8th and am REALLY looking forward to getting in the van and just driving. Really takes my mind off of things. On top of all this, my Tannoy Monitor's need to be reconed and it's gonna be a huge job. It never ends! haha. At least I'm working! As crazy as times like this are, it's so much better than the weeks I go sometimes without work.