Monday, March 2, 2009


...........I've decided to start a Blog to highlight certain projects I'm doing here in the studio for fun and to keep people informed about what's going on at Arcane Digital. We'll start with Toad! I've been working with the band Toad over the last few weeks which is a side project of the band Slut Sister. They recorded two tracks and a Ramones cover for their split with Drone Throne (who is recording here as well and is also a Slut Sister/Prosthetics side project. It's pretty interesting stuff in the vein of Samhain, but much heavier. Here's a picture of Andy and Trey from Toad during our mixing session looking goofy. Tonight, I'll be wrapping up recording with Ready Resist, which is a side project of locals Antietam. Also doing some mix polishing with locals Royal Monsters this week, wrapping up a mix for Feed Walrus Deafeat from El Paso, TX, and recording Misery Index from Baltimore on Thursday!

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