Friday, March 13, 2009

Drone Throne sniffing Markers.............

Another band I've been working with is Drone Throne which features Garrett from the Prosthetics and Alex from Slut Sister. Pretty Cool stoner rock 3 piece that reminds me of Floor mixed with Sleep or something along those lines. Good times. We had a problem during drum tracking where after completing the second song, Alex put his kick beater straight though the head. So, we moved ahead with the two songs completed and they're coming in for a few more in a few weeks. We used Garret's Carvin head for two sets of tracks for guitar and then we did two sets with a JCM 800 with a tube screamer fuzzed out on it. Royer R122, Audix I5, and a 57 on a Marshall cab with vintage 30's all gave it that warm feel. It's coming out pretty good and Stoney!

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